Appointment with perfection

“We sit down, and we begin to chat.
I already imagine the gossip: these afternoons relax me in an incredible way.”

Wednesday afternoon

Sidney / Australia / 5:34 p.m.

I reorganize the ornaments for the umpteenth time. They are perfect, I know, but I want more.

I want that every detail is impeccable. I move my precious vases a few millimetres, I take two steps back and sigh. Yes, I am satisfied. I love my friends, but regarding style they are a little crazy. Like me, for that matter.

This Wednesday we have tea at my place; next one we will go to Claire’s home. I remember that once we were hanging out with an extravagant girl, a certain Jane. One day, she welcomed us to her home with orange enamel painted nails. Drooling. It was the first Wednesday we were taking tea at her place, and of course it was also the last one: details are the key.

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