Anice Stellato

[à.ni.ce] male noun
[stel.là.to] adjective

Plant of the magnoliaceae family (Illicium Verum). It is a 2-3 meter tree with solitary, terminal, fragrant flowers; the fruits consist of 8_9 follicles, arranged radially inside the flower axis so as to produce a star formation.

Among the reasons why i love the mountains is snow.

Among the reasons why I love the mountains is snow. Incredibly obvious, I know, and yet it is so. I love watching it fall and I am marveled by its graceful settling on the ground, flake after flake, creating a white veil, covering obstacles of lesser importance.

Mountains and happiness are linked by a double thread: the long walks, the continuous discoveries, the roe deer peeking over the meadows at the sunset and the evenings around the fire, are something magical, which filled my heart as a child and continues to do so now.

One look was
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