[va.nì.glia] female noun

Tropical plant of the Orchidaceae (Vanilla planifolia), provided with aerial roots and yellowish-white flowers; it is widely cultivated for the sale of dehiscent capsule fruits, green and then brown when ripe.

Do you know what is nicer than a gift?

I will tell you. Nothing. There is nothing in this world than gifts and if this thought makes me childish, as my wife claims, it doesn’t matter. Sarah has a special talent for making me feel the most special and most inadequate man on the planet, at the same time or within seconds.

Her expectations are so high that it is impossible not to disappoint her; I spent most of my life trying to live up to the standards, of the extraordinary woman with whom I fell in love an unknown number of years ago - many, that’s for sure: we were just kids - without ever having the certainty of succeeding.

I have always had
a soft spot for
special recipes.

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